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Do you Run a salon? Curiously searching for an all-in-one salon management software? If yes, switch to Salonist. It's an excellent Salon Management software that facilitates easy appointment scheduling, single-touch rescheduling, automation of almost all activities of salon business, etc.

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Features of salonist Software

Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

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    24/7 Access control

    Open your salon for as long as you want with confidence. Also, save time and money with Salonists advanced access control system.

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    Easy to manage your business staff and their attendance when using this ultimate Barber Appointment software. Attractive Job cards for employees.

  • records

    Very simple to maintain client relationships with detailed appointments history, preferences, future bookings and contact details in this management system for salon.

  • calendar

    Salonist is a clean, simple tool with a powerful calendar that can handle all your salon bookings with robust salon booking system. This makes your scheduling a child’s play.

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    Get easy alerts for inquiry follow-ups, pending payments, membership renewals, client birthdays, marriage anniversaries and absent clients.

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    Go Mobile

    Free yourself from the front desk and experience the benefits of having your entire salon system at your fingertips with spa appointment app.

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    Online Booking

    Boost your bookings with Barber Booking software by enabling customers to book online through your website, Facebook or other widgets.


Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

Manage Appointments

Easy Time-Duration Colour Coding to make appointment planning easy for your staff.

  • Easy to organise all your appointments in accordance with the time durations.
  • Easy to organise the list with filters like time, date and purpose in our Salon client software.
  • Prioritise your appointments in salon booking system with easy colour coding.

Quick Checkouts

Fast billing process to distribute packages, gift vouchers, products and walk-in services of your salon by salon billing software.

  • Highly secure payment gateway for ensuring the safety of your account.
  • Simple checkout pages for faster and better services with invoice management system.
  • Reassure your customer about the Non-Disclosure Policy of their card details

Book Appointment Online

Always keep your salon full of customers with the feature of booking online. Increase your appointments with Salonist the best salon software.

  • Allow your customer to book an appointment online with easy booking page.
  • Make use of variant layouts to give a uniqueness to your online booking page.
  • Custom form creation to help your staff with relevant information of your customer.

Personalized Marketing

With easy market and remarket grow your customer base and get noticeable repeat business without spending the extra buck with its salon inventory software.

  • Keep tabs on your regular customer’s order to know more about their buying behaviour with hair salon management software.
  • Easy to address your customer’s problems to make them give repeat business.

Gaining Insights

A powerful analytic tool to empower you with real-time information to make growth-oriented decisions for your salon.

  • Get all the information on sales related activities of your salon at one place.
  • Real-time analysis of the customers that gives frequent repeat sales.

Efficient Feedback System

Collect precious feedbacks from your customers to understand their needs and provide better service in their every next visit.

  • Get the measure of your services by leveraging live feedback feature of Salonist.
  • Address your customer’s issues effectively in order to help them in a better way.
  • Make your customer’s feel valuable by keeping them in the fold.

Gift Cards & Custom Packages

Gain your customer’s trust by offering them attractive gift cards, all-inclusive packages catered according to individual needs.

  • Design visually attractive greeting cards to give value to your customers.
  • Notify your customers about your new offers with text messages on their cellphones.
  • Send them gift cards via emails.

Robust Product Inventory

Avoid professional misconduct by keeping tabs on your stock with its spa inventory software and make the customer’s experience a bliss.

  • A powerful real-time product inventory management.
  • Remove all the out of stocks items.
  • Keep your customers informed about the products they showed interest too.

Managing remotely

Easy to access all your salon branches from one place. You can manage them from the place of your choice when you have this hair salon system.

  • Always be updated on your business even you are on a move.
  • Easy to manage the workflow from your smartphone as well.
  • Get the custom notification on every action of your salon on your smartphone.
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POS System For Salon & Spa

Salonist caters the best salon POS system. You can use in as POS system for beauty salon or hair salon POS system. It makes spa scheduling and selling easy to manage.

  • Input your bespoke spa, hair or nail treatments, service offerings and product prices, allowing you to total up the cost for the client at the touch of a button.
  • Our POS for salon includes barcode scanning hardware so you can add to your salon product offerings with ease and scan the pricing into the POS system at checkout.
  • Sell and take payment from your salon-branded gift cards, while ensuring your accounts balance at the end of the month!
Salonist Tailored for

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Hair Salon

With our salon management software, all your hair salon appointments can be handled easily.


Spa Center

All the appointments along with the services availed by your customers are managed in a proper way.


Massage Center

The Salonist will save a lot of your time by automatically scheduling the therapies of your customers.

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