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Salonist is a new age salon management software which allows you to manage your salon like never before. The salon management software is designed to use all the latest technology to make your business counter-productive and efficient.

A user can manage the appointments with the help of this software. This saves a lot of time for your customer.

The booking records of the clients are orderly maintained with their details. You can easily use them in the coming future. Get Free Trial

Features of salonist Software

Salonist delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

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    24/7 Access control

    Open your salon for as long as you want with confidence. Also, save time and money with Salonists advanced access control system.

  • staff

    Easy to manage your business staff and their attendance. Keep the record of their documents, salaries and advance money paid.

  • records

    Robust to maintain client relationships with detailed appointments history, preferences, future bookings and contact details.

  • calendar

    Salonist is a clean, simple tool with a powerful calendar that can handle all your salon bookings. This makes your scheduling a child's play.

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    Get EASY alerts for inquiry follow-ups, pending payments, membership renewals, client birthdays, marriage anniversaries and absent clients.

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    Go Mobile

    Free yourself from the front desk and experience the benefits of having your entire salon system at your fingertips.

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    Online Booking

    Boost your bookings by enabling customers to book online through your website, Facebook or other widgets.

Salonist Tailored for

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hair salon

Hair Salon

With our salon management software, all your hair salon appointments can be handled easily.


Spa Center

All the appointments along with the services availed by your customers are managed in a proper way.


Massage Center

The Salonist will save a lot of your time by automatically scheduling the therapies of your customers.

Our Clients

Some of our esteemed clients are already using the software