Nowadays, there are many CRM softwares which are available online. Each CRM software has its unique features. A customer depending on the needs selects a particular CRM software. While there are many CRM softwares available over the web, there are only a few which actually meet the customer’s need. Most of the CRMs fall short on one aspect or the other. To overcome such shortcomings Shrivra has been developed. Shrivra is one such CRM which along with the basic CRM features consists some of the unique features which are only Shrivra exclusive. Below are some of the features of Shrivra. These features may be common to some of the other CRMs but there are some unique feautres of Shrivra which will be discussed later but as of now let’s have a glance over the basic ones.

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What is Shrivra ?
  • Automation management

    Automation management

    The most important requirement for any business is an efficient management of the daily tasks. Shrivra allows the user to do just that but in a very efficient and productive manner. Some of the common daily tasks range from sending reminders and schedules to calculating taxes and payments.

  • Resource scheduling

    Resource scheduling

    For a business to become successful, efficient allocation of the work is really important. With Shrivra, this concern has been taken care of. Work can now be allocated to anyone based on the current status of that person. Shrivra also allows efficient co-ordination between the team members. Any kind of substitution can also be made hasle free.

  • Effortless marketing

    Effortless marketing

    Shrivra gives a better reach to its users by reaching the target audience or prospects. It also allows to keep in touch with loyal customers, create gift cards and offer promotions. In summation, it would make everyting easy for its users.

Below are the products on which Shrivra works currently
  • Visitor book
  • Student Management
  • Gym Management Software
  • Token System

These products have some unique features which are only possible due to Shrivra. Below is an ellaboration of these features based on the products.

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