What exactly is Shrivra affiliate program?

Shrivra affiliate program is gift for all those individuals who want to make additional income easily and quickly. Under this scheme, interested affiliates can earn money by prompting our different customer relationship management software as detailed here below:


Salon Management Software

Now Streamline your Salon business activities easily within a few clicks and grow your business.

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Queue Management Software

An all-inclusive Software to manage customer flow in real time and reduce their waiting period. Use it to organize your waiting lines with “first in first out” system

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Gym Management Software

An easy-to-use gym management software.It helps to grow your gym and spend less time in the back office

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Appointment Management Software

A fully-featured, user-friendly appointment scheduling and customer management app. It is very useful for all appointment-based businesses

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Invoice Management Software

Oversee Your sales and purchase orders professionally with an automated invoice management software. Prepare bills automatically using this app.

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Smart Reviews

A simple, but extremely useful software to collect feedback from customers and communicate with respondents.

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Student Management Software

An all-in-one solution to all your student management needs. Now access the student's grades, homework assignments, attendance, activities, etc, 24*7.

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Restaurant Management Software

A feature-rich Restaurant management software. It helps restaurant owners and managers to manage their food service establishment.

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Why should you get started with our affiliate program?

Shrivra affiliate program is one of the best and rapidly increasing companies that offer several opportunities to individuals to make easy money. Our business model is very simple and has several advantages. Just register with our affiliate program, get the product key, sell our CRM software in maximum numbers and receive a cut (referral amount) instantly from us

Easy Promotion of the CRM Software

Promoting our products is not a rocket science. Just share our referral link with all your near and dear ones, friends, customers, and clients & make them aware of the advantages of using our CRM software. If you want, we will provide helping hands in your promotional activities for the speedy acquisition of qualified leads and sales.

Easy Earning Opportunities

Whenever you generate a high-quality lead for us, we convert your efforts into earning opportunities instantly. In simple words, help us sell our CRM software, boost your earning opportunities.

Instant payment

Just make people aware of our CRM software and help us generate leads in maximum. We will make instant payments in your favourite currencies for all successful efforts.

Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can become your Affiliate?

Anyone who is interested to sell our CRM software in maximum numbers can become our affiliate.

What are the formalities to become your affiliate?

You don't have to do anything special. Just sign-up for our affiliate program and get to the work instantly.

Do I need to sign an agreement to commence the affiliate business?

Yes, please give your consent to our business Terms & Conditions

Do you change any free for participating in your affiliate program?

No, it's totally free.

What to do if I want to sell your different CRM software?

You can sell all our CRM software in maximum numbers. But, initially, you should sign-up for one CRM software and show your selling skills by giving us quality leads in quick successions. After that, you can register for more CRM software.

When should I expect my commission amount?

The commission amount will be paid to all affiliates in the first week of every month. The actual payment will depend on the revenues collected from the referred customers and clients. So, emphasize on providing us only high-quality and verified leads

How will you pay me?

Via online bank transfer or paypal. To whom should I contact If I have a question? Email us at info@shrivra.com or call us on +91-8544859108 One of our representatives will respond to your questions and concerns as soon as possible.

What to do to promote your CRM and ensure it its smooth sale?

Whenever a customer visits your referral link and agrees to buy a CRM software manufactured by us, you will be paid $20 once the sale is made.

How much can I get after making successful business deals?

Every time, you sale our CRM software, we provide 15% of the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), and 20% for all long-term business deals with bigger brands and companies.

How my lead will be validated?

It will be performed by our business managers after verifying your leads.

How Can I promote Your CRM?

Through offline and online marketing channels. Promote our CRM in any way with which you are comfortable and ensure its maximum sale.