CRM softwares are the paramount need of all customer centric businesses. You’ll find loads of software online. But the best one is only that, which caters the needs of your customers. This is the reason you need to be clear about your customer base. Shrivra’s CRM softwares covers most of the customer base which makes it the best CRM solution provider. The CRM softwares of Shrivra caters all the basic features along side with some Shrivra exclusive features which make it efficient and unique. Some of the basic features of Shrivra’s CRM softwares are.

easy to use

Easy to Use

Our CRM softwares are very easy to use. An interactive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate even for a non-technical person. The Grid design makes them very engaging.


Responsive Design

You can access our online CRM softwares from various devices. Its responsive design makes it easy to operate the software from any place, at any time.

cross browser

Cross Browser

Our CRM software’s cross browser compatibility is very strong. It is well tested in almost all the popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari etc.


Technical Support

Our customer support is accessible 24/7. If you stuck anywhere, our agents will help you to rectify all your software related problems as soon as humanly possible. We’ve one of the best technical support.

Featured Products

Below are the featured products on which shrivra works currently


Student Management Software

Now, manage all the leg work of school and college administration effectively.

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Gym Management Software

We provides complete gym & health club management software. With easy and innovative UI, manage all the membership and financial reporting from your dashboard.

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Queue Management Software

Queue management system software for queuing customers and gather their feedbacks, monitor real-time information and speed of services.

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Salon Management Software

Salon Spaware offers the most comprehensive salon management system on the market.We offer a salon scheduling system with unprecedented ease-of-use.

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